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Pledge Program (6 to 10)

What is the Rainbow Girl’s Pledge Program?

The pledge program is designed for the youngest girls in our youth program. We teach them interegy, patroitism, public speaking skills and assisting with fundamental reading skills too.

Our pledges can plan on making new friends, seeing interesting places, and particpating in fun activities too. We encourage to be prt of our on-going community service events too. The best part of the pledge program is that the youngest girls have role models. These role models are their Mother Advisors, Older Rainbow Girls, and of course the Freemasons too.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

What does my daughter need to wear?

This a popular question. For formal meetings, we ask parents to have your child wear a nice dress.  For informal meetings, it is okay for your child to wear sneakers, jeans or shorts, and a comfortable shirt. Lastly, the Pledge Mother Advisor will let you know what the meetings dress code is.

How much does it cost?

The pledge program membership fee at Hope Assembly is free. If there is any costs for a planned visit somewhere, we will let you know in advance.

Who is in charge of the meetings?

The adult in charge of the meeting is called the “Pledge Mother Advisor”.  She has passed a criminal background check and is appointed by the Advisory Board of the Assembly.  This is a volunteer position and it is generally filled by a Mother (or Grandmother) of a Pledge. Further, the volunteer is trained by the International Order of the Rainbow Girls. Lastly, the assistant to the Pledge Mother (or Pledge Mom) is called the “Assistant Pledge Mother Advisor”.

How active do I have to be as a parent?

You can be as active as time allows. We encourage parents to be active in their child’s life as much as possible. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer just let us know!

How long is the meeting?

A pledge meeting will run from 60 to 90 minutes generally.

Can I sit and watch what is happening at the meeting?

Yes, parents and grandparents are welcome to attend all the pledge meetings.

Can my daughter bring a friend?

You bet!  Any Rainbow Pledge can invite a buddy, classmate, or neighbor to attend the pledge meetings. Of course, it needs to a girl.

Is there a youth program for her brother?

Good news! Our Masonic Blue Lodge has a boys program called the DeMolay. Ask the Pledge Mother Advisor about it at the next meeting.